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The Big Picture –

You might as well bookmark this fantastic site. Read More

Park Street Crap Fair

Nothing special about today’s crap fair – just a load of the usual stuff that nobody needs. The high point was discovering this Smart Car-only parking spot less than 100 feet from the main stage and the fabulous Sun Kings. BTW, This entry was made from Kelly‚Äôs iPhone using the new WordPress for iPhone App! Read More

Achiever Action Figures – 8 Inches of Fun!

Fans of the best movie of all-time will surely appreciate this Dude Action Figure – complete with a rug and a White Russian. I’m thinking a pair of Achievers would be just the thing for my desk. Better order soon – it seems Dude action figures go fast! This reminds me – Lebowski Fest is Read More

New Favorite Browser

Hooray! The Mozilla folks took a page out of Opera’s playbook, and incorporated “Full Zoom”. Finally!! They also seem to have fixed their image rendering problems. So now, Firefox finally looks as good as my beloved Opera. And it’s incredibly fast! The speed difference is especially appreciated when using Gmail. I will miss Opera’s built-in Read More

What I Like about WordPress

OK – I’ve had a couple weeks of quality time with my new blogging software, and there are some things about it I like better than my old favorite. It seems a bit easier to use than that other blogging software. Pages are rendered more quickly. (This is a surprise!) Searches are much faster. (Yay.) Read More

Blackhawk Museum

The Blackhawk Museum in Danville, California is home to what is allegedly the world’s best car collection. After visiting it today, it’s hard to imagine a more spectacular collection of rare vehicles anywhere else! We’ve known of its existence for many years, but put off visiting he museum since we’re not really car-enthusiasts. It turns Read More

New Design!

Well, I finally bit the bullet and changed the site’s look-and-feel. My motivation is only partly driven by aesthetics. The other reason is that WordPress 2.5 is just so dang good. It’s much nicer to look at and easier to use than the latest MovableType release. They seem to have fixed the problems with the Read More

The Essence of Dudeness

For the last few years I have been hosting a web site featuring the work of an extremely talented illustrator named Charlie Powell. I have always been a fan of his work, so when he offered to paint a portrait of thedude in exchange for web hosting services, I jumped at the chance. Now thedude Read More

Klingons, Cupcakes and Art Cars

Where else, but at the Berkeley Art Car Parade, part of the “How Berkely Can You Be?” festival today. More images here. Read More

World’s Fastest Browser – Opera?

Still not using the world’s best browser? C’mon! Here’s yet another reason to give it a spin. Read More

Allegro agitato!

Wow. We had a terrific weekend, and I have a throbbing headache this morning to prove it. Our friends Grant and Sandy are lucky enough to have one of the world’s greatest musicians in their family. Grant’s cousin Jon has a new CD out, and Grant was kind enough to have one signed and then Read More

Taking Things Into My Left Hand

I’ve decided that I need to take drastic measures to cure myself of this painful tendinitis, so at work I have begun mousing with my left hand. It turns out that this is not as hard as it seems. Yes, it slows me down just a bit, when I use the mouse but my right Read More

thedude’s Photo in Copenhagen

Hey Dude, Have a look – it looks super cool! – it’s dye-sub printed directly on a sound-absorbent panel. Thanks for allowing us to use the pic!! Best regards from Copenhagen – Sten Jauer, Art Director LAND DESIGNLAB APS | VESTERGADE 12A 3 | DK-1456 COPENHAGEN | DENMARK Thanks, Sten! I think it looks great Read More

I Don’t Do Movie Reviews

This is mainly because I can’t write, but also because I can’t remember much of anything about a particular movie just moments after I saw it. I don’t even have a movie Category. However, I definitely remember that this movie made me smile with amazement from start to finish – and not just because one Read More

Big Display Owners Rejoice

Until today, I thought that I was the only blogger on the entire Internet with a site designed for viewing at 1920 x 1200 pixels. Well, it turns out there’s another dude out there whose photo gallery features pages designed specifically for the well-endowed display. As if this isn’t coincidence enough, this other dude also Read More

Hot Fun Actions

I use a PhotoShop Action to prepare images for my blog. My “Blogerize” action scales images for the site in steps while applying a bit of smart sharpening along the way. The action also converts the images to the appropriate color depth and color space. Since I need to do these things for every image Read More

Talented Artist/Neighbor

Did you know there is an independent animated movie being created in 4th Street Lofts? Neither did I. Read More

The Best Wine We’ve Ever Tasted

Last night was our 6th wedding anniversary. To celebrate, I made my soon-to-be-famous skirt steak for dinner with our best friends – Chris and Ben. We opened a 1994 Coppola zinfandel with dinner, which turned out to be outstanding. (Thanks, Dave and Sonja!) But the real treat was the sensational dessert wine Chris was kind Read More

Mind-blowing Complexity = Beauty

A visual exploration on mapping complex networks Read More

200 Second Street

One of my favorite new developments in the neighborhood is this one. What I really like is that the developer of the lofts at 200 Second Street had the stones to use colors other than the four or five “standard” exterior colors for new developments in the Bay Area. That along with some nice architectural Read More

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