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Resistance is Futile…

The brilliant marketing folks at Apple continue to suck me in with their amazing products. this time it’s the totally addictive App Store. This dangerous new icon snuck onto my dock a couple days ago, and I’ve already installed several free apps. I can’t help myself! It’s just so cool to see the app icon Read More

30 Inch Monitor, 100 Year Old Photographs

One of the unfortunate aspects of owning a 30″ monitor is that, aside from, there are very few web sites that post images at a resolution any wear near full-screen size. And, if you’re like me, you bought that 30″ monitor because you like images, right? There’s nothing quite like a super sharp image Read More

Apple Design

The jury is still out about moving images on But there’s no debating the beauty of these renderings. The animation was done entirely using 3Ds Max and V-Ray render and took about 10 days to complete. Professionally done 3D visualization is the perfect tool to present concepts or new products in a beautiful, photoreal Read More

The Golden State Turns Green

It’s Windows wallpaper season in California. And that’s no bull. For those who don’t know, most of California looks more like this most of the year. You may be interested in learning more about the the Window “Bliss” wallpaper. Read More

Scanning — Again

Yes, Kelly found a stack of old negatives, and I’m back at it. These days, I basically have the scanner running whenever I’m at the computer. I load up the negative carrier, preview scan a bunch of images, and final scan the best ones. The process is time-consuming, but my new computer is fast enough Read More

Paramount Panorama Published!

Yay! I just received the 2010 Autopano Panobook, and look what I found on page 150! View the original image here and here. Read More

The Dude Magazine

“The magazine contained articles on style, music, society, politics, women, and contained seminude pictures of women.” And while you’re at it, check out Dude Studios. Or perhaps you can help me understand what’s going on with this other dude. Read More

Time to Switch?

With its 27 inch LED display, this could be the hardware that finally makes me do it. Wow! Read More

Retro Tech Design Goldmine

Fire up Cooliris and head on over to this Flickr photostream. Enjoy! Read More

Fantastic Photo Site

Thanks to Jason for introducing me to Shorpy. The site is “an online archive of thousands of high-resolution photos from the 1850s to 1950s.” When you check out the site, be prepared to spend some time. The detail in some of these old images is breathtaking. If you like old photos, you might also be Read More

Design Envy

Sites like this one make me want to re-design mine. So clean. A perfect showcase for his amazing work. Read More

Affymetrix Rolls Out New Web Site!

The official launch date is Monday, but lucky readers of can take a look at the new site deign now. It’s a huge improvement over the old site, both aesthetically and performance-wise. I’m very proud to have been a part of this effort. Yay! Read More

Affymetrix Rebranding Campaign

Get the Flash Player to see this movie. After focus groups revealed that my company’s current corporate image reminded them of a “dull forty-something white male”, they decided it was time to make a change. So, Affymetrix hired a design team to help freshen our brand. I think the new branding looks great! This is Read More

Office Landscapes – Part 1

This topic of cubicles vs. open floor plans has been debated to death, so I won’t bore you with my thoughts on the subject. I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Read More

Holey Christ

Here’s a sneek peek inside Oakland’s Cathedral of Christ the Light. Although the 190 million dollar addition to the Lake Merrit skyline will not be open to the public until 2:00 PM this afternoon, I was able to sneak in yesterday and shoot a quick panorama. After scratching my head about the outside of the Read More

A New Feature on

Embedded streaming video! Get the Flash Player to see this movie.   I found an inexpensive MOV to FLV converter which produces pretty decent results. The files are much smaller that the source Quicktime files, and still have much of the quality – even at large sizes. This means I can now stream video like Read More

Best Pano Viewer Yet!

When I first used this plugin over at xRez, I was completely blown away. HDView is a must-have plugin! Get it now! Then, click on this link to get a taste of what’s to come. Amazing!!! So much to be excited about! Read More

GigaPan Browser Embedded in a Blog Post!

It turns out it’s easy to embed a GigaPan Panorama on a web page. Hopefully, this will get more of you to check it out. Be sure to drag the the zoom slider on the left. Or, double-click on a region to zoom in on it. Looks like I have a white-balance problem in this Read More

GigaGeek Fest

Last night I met with Andrew and his friend Jeff Johnson, the goal being to shoot and perfect the process of creating Gigapan Images with the awesome Gigapan robotic camera head. Luckily Jeff knows everything about this device, and no doubt saved me a lot of time on the learning curve. Our first Gigapan image Read More » Hearts A Mess film clip » Blog Archive » Hearts A Mess film clip. Check out my new favorite song/music video. I LOVE it! Thank you so much, Bill & Rebecca at Radio Paradise for turning me on to this! Read More

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