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Cinema4D Camera Calibration

Learning Cinema4D camera calibration with help from the Gorilla. Extra credit if you find the shot used as a basis for this booklet cover. Read More

Latest Desktop Wallpaper

If you see moirĂ© patterns, it’s time to get that 5K iMac! Read More

Putting it All Together

It’s not only the knowledge of the HUNDREDS of eyeballs that will see this image on the cover of the extra-geeky Electrophoresis Journal cover that makes it satisfying. It’s also the fact that I get to use all of my graphics skills in one place to produce something this wild and whacky while at work. Read More

More Fun with Materials

Experimenting with Cinema4D materials for an upcoming visualization of some of the amazing things that happen at the molecular level on a Proton chip. Read More

Latest iMac Wallpaper

I love my job. đŸ˜€ Read More

Latest Chip Design

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the Proton P1â„¢ Chip, star of the Ion Protonâ„¢ System. Read More

Cinema4D UV Mapping

Today I learned the best way to wrap a 2D graphic around a 3D object in Cinema4D. I also played a bit with instancing. Here is the result of today’s experimentation. I am so impressed with this renderer! You have to admit, the realism here is amazing – and I can make it better without Read More

xfinity Logo Design

You can learn a lot about the process of designing a logo by tracing one. The design appears to be based on the ubiquitous DIN typeface – so popular it has its own web site. Simple tweaks were made to every character but the “n”, and the dots were dropped. You can see the minor Read More

Practice Makes Perfect

I see so much on TV and in other media that was almost certainly created with Cinema4D. So, to practice, I copy it — with varying degrees of accuracy. To create this, I Googled a logo, downloaded and traced it in FreeHand (Yes, I’m old-school.) The resulting .AI file was merged, extruded and rendered in Read More

Life Show Logo

Another super-fun project at work. This treatment is over the top again, but so much fun to create, AND it makes a whacky wallpaper for my iMac. Regular readers may notice that the scene was borrowed from an earlier experiment. Read More

Latest Ad Mockup

As is often the case, I have almost no idea what this product is or what it does, but I think I understand what the ad represents – the fact that something which used to require a whole bunch of time, effort and money just got a lot more accessible and way cheaper. Read More

Impossible Photo Shoot

Occasionally marketing asks for things that are (nearly) impossible to shoot. Like when they asked me to photograph a stack of sixty three 96-well microtiter plates on a white background. I don’t have a studio at work, but luckily, I do have one inside my computer. Thank you Cinema4D! Read More

My Office Wallpaper

Sized to fit my 30-incher. Kelly says it’s too shiny. I say it’s not shiny enough! Read More

Buglady Logo

The original 2D artwork was created by Andrew, of course. I merely “pulled up a Z” and rendered it in Cinema4D. Read More

Trying to Get Into a Holiday Mood

Read More

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