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Merry Christmas

In case you’re wondering, I created thedude & Kelly action figures in Cinema4D and composited them into a photograph of our fake tree with PhotoShop.

I just have to follow up with this favorite Photobooth shot of sister-in-law Jill showing her best holiday spirit.

This is My Brain on kubrick

My mind is still reeling from this weekend’s viewing of the Kubrick classic accompanied by the San Francisco Symphony. The orchestra was flanked by two choirs. Their performance of Lux Aeterna was positively spine-tingling. I believe I shed a tear or two.

In case you forgot, filming for this ground-breaking film was begun in 1965, and made entirely without CGI. Amazing.

A new typeface!

Now, THIS is exciting! Monotype has created a brilliant update to the gorgeous Johnston typeface on the occasion of its 100th birthday. This is very serious business. Watch the video to get a sense for just how exciting this is!

A more modern look Go ahead - zoom in!

Just to tease me, it appears that they released the bold version only. Of course, I want the whole set, but I could not wait to get started, so here’s my 3D thanks to Andrew for alerting me to this thrilling news!

S5 mosaic Installation

So I created this mosaic of pretty much every picture I ever took at work using a program called Mazaika. The image was constructed from more than 4,500 pictures of all the people and products that came together to enable us to create the amazing Ion Torrent S5. The image turned out to be quite popular with my company. So much so that we’re having three large (54″ x 48″) prints made – one for each of the Ion Torrent locations. This is a visualization of what it will look like displayed on a wall in our South San Francisco office.

UPDATE: The print is now up, (photo coming soon!) and it looks awesome. I highly recommend the pros at Light Source for your next large printing job.

Major credit goes to my coworker Earl Hubbell for suggesting I attempt this. Thanks also to Simon, Penny, Nermin and Jim G. for indulging me and for displaying my work so prominently.

Since you’ve been asking, here’s a link to a full-size compressed JPEG. I strongly suggest you right-click the link and SAVE the file locally, and view it in your favorite image viewer. For the Mac, I recommend Xee. On Windows, the free Irfanview cannot be beat.

But wait – there’s more. Here is a short video which starts zoomed in on a few of the key designers of the product and fades back to reveal my rendering.

Some Vials and a Box

I often do not know exactly what I’m rendering. I just try to make things look good.

Unfortunately, our products will never look like this on our web site. Our “real” real product shots are required to have a pure white background and a reflective white foreground à la outdated Apple ads, but this is almost impossible to achieve with a pure white product box, which is what drove me to rendering our packaging in the first place. Cinema4D gives me much more control than a camera in these difficult situations.

This image illustrates something else which is impossible to achieve photographically – infinite depth of focus.

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