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Thermo CostCalc App Icon

I’ll admit it certainly looks a wee bit garish and not entirely plausible at the enormous size above, but it needs to be bold to stand out on an iPad home screen, where it will be smaller than this: I’m not even sure what this App is, but I know it had to have a Read More

Promise Pegasus RAID Performs

I recently purchased a Pegasus RAID array form my iMac. I chose this device because it is billed as “the world’s first and fastest” Thunderbolt array. The speed tests above seem to bear this out. On the left is a speed test on the hard drives in my 4-year-old, $12,000 Mac Pro at work. On Read More

My First Tethered Capture

I finally had the perfect excuse to try out Lightroom’s Tethered Capture. I’ve been anxious to try this since neighbor Steve Fossum used this method to photograph yours truly. This extremely simple rig made shooting the chip much easier than ever before. The ability to view the images at high resolution on-screen as I shot Read More

Oh, Yes I Did

I’ve really enjoyed my four-year-long love affair with the Nikon D3, and I have absolutely no regrets. She has served me well. I will always appreciate her superb build, her heft, her ability to see so much in so little light. I still love her and plan to keep her around – forever. But honestly, Read More

Resistance is Futile…

The brilliant marketing folks at Apple continue to suck me in with their amazing products. this time it’s the totally addictive App Store. This dangerous new icon snuck onto my dock a couple days ago, and I’ve already installed several free apps. I can’t help myself! It’s just so cool to see the app icon Read More

Time to Switch?

With its 27 inch LED display, this could be the hardware that finally makes me do it. Wow! Read More

A Typical Evening at thedude’s

Now that the in-laws have a 24″ iMac, life around here may never be the same. Read More

iTunes Genius Is… Well… Genius!

iTunes is one of the main reasons I have not switched to a Mac. I really do not like it. All I want is a simple music player, and iTunes definitely does not fit into that category. And iTunes has some of the worst UI design flaws ever. (Don’t even get me started.) Well, the Read More