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Listen to almost any radio station in the world

Very cool!! Read More

The War on Drugs was excellent last night!! Read More

Yo Yo Ma Tiny Desk Concert Read More

For about a year I’ve been extremely luck to own a pair of Sennheiser 800s headphones.

Even at my age, these cans are beyond wonderful with one caveat. This has forced me to go through my entire music collection and hear it again for the first time. Occasionally I stumble onto a masterpiece of music and sound. It dawned on me that I should share these when I find ’em. Bust Read More

Whaaaat? This is ridiculous!

Whaaaat? This is ridiculous! Read More

Super entertaining, informative and funny Dudely drum channel.

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Awesome Zappa Medley

True awesomeness starts at 7:37. Read More… I don’t know how long this rematser has been available, but it’s incredible. Headphone material for sure. Turn it up! Read More

Encore playlist:

Encore playlist: Court of the Crimson King Heroes 21st Century Schizoid Man Fantastic! Read More

Amazing Roger Waters concert last night!

Amazing Roger Waters concert last night! Read More

Beethoven’s Ninth and champagne through a straw.

66 minutes of aural ecstasy. Read More

YESS!!! Front row center!

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Do you know why I put this in the Music Category?

Kalvin knows… Read More

Quantum Leap drummer, Steve Davidson!

Quantum Leap drummer, Steve Davidson! Read More

Burli boys.

The poor drummer rarely gets seen, eh, Steve Davidson? Does this look like that club in Lake Geneva whose name escapes me? You know – where I worked as sound man for a year? Read More

Repeat after me. Train, TrAiN, TRAIN!!!

What FM station is that I’m tuned to, Kevin Kline, and Steve Davidson? Read More

Simply amazing.

This is Carol Rockwell’s daughter. Read More