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Dave & Marilyn

and Jimmy’s Porsche. Read More

Happy birthday Jimmy. Read More

We went to Jimmy’s today to visit Steve Davidson​ and bring him some boxes.

I was handling it really well, after all Ginny, Nancy Crow​, and I managed a whole afternoon at Jimmy’s, helping Steve, with no waterworks. But today, when Steve said that I could have this, there were tears and lots of hugs. Thanks dear, it means the world to me. Read More

So it has been and adventure getting to this point with the 911

I was hoping it would be running last October. Finally yesterday we tried to start it for the first time! Although it didn’t start because we aren’t getting any spark, just seeing it turn over is amazing. I’m hoping a little tweaking today will hear it roaring!!! Read More

1 year…

Love and miss you my dear friend. Until we meet again we’ll be toasting you with the Scotch you enjoyed so much. Read More

Getting closer to knowing if it will run.

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Beautiful Indian countryside.

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Another favorite subject of Jimmy’s was children.

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More from Jimmy D’s India trip.

He seemed to seek out extreme lighting conditions. Read More

Another nice shot…

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I found more Jimmy D slides.

This was taken somewhere in or around the taj Mahal. Read More


911 Read More


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This was shot in 1982, I’m guessing, possibly at Nancy Crow (Gresl) home? I think I see a Supertramp LP there…

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The man in his office.

I see a ZIP drive, US Robotics modem, Outlook Express(?) on a ‘386. Fun times. Read More

I don’t remember Jimmy’s apartment ever having been in this configuration.

I sure am glad that I took a zillion pictures over the years. Hope you are too! Read More

Contentment after a Christmas dinner at Old Town…

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A rare cityscape from Jimmy’s trip.

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A rare look inside Jimmy’s home.

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A look at the (very heavy) Yashica 6×6 and tripod he carried on this trek.

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