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Trustworthy Simon

Simon Waddington is a neighbor, cat-lover, accomplished paraglider, who works at GoodGuide and very frequent contributes to Google+. I recommend you check him out now. Read More

Alameda Wine & Art Faire

thedude: Who does your makeup? Buki: What makeup? Read More

Tudal Winery

Tudal Winery hosted an event at their winery in St. Helena yesterday. We knew the event would feature excellent wines and food, but when we learned that there was no driving involved, we jumped at the chance! Read More

Happy 4th to My Old Hippie Friends – and Michael

Thanks to Tom and Cynthia for the amazing eats, and to Chris and Ben, who once again proved to be the hosts with the most. Read More

Another Day,
Another ‘Do…

…another pizza at Dopo. Read More

Cinco de Mayo Horsie Ride

I don’t need much of an excuse to practice with my new camera, so here we go. Read More

Friday Night on the Square

Tonight at Jack London Square we saw a man with two chickens, and another man with two chicks! Must be the fez. The more I use the Fuji X100s, the more I like it. It’s already become my go-to camera. It’s small enough to carry everywhere, and as they say, the best camera is the Read More

Fuji X100s

After reading several glowing reviews, including a couple by professional photographers who gushed about their love for the latest digital rangefinder from Fuji, (at least a couple picked it as their all-time favorite digital camera), I decided to find out what all the fuss was about. So… I am thrilled with the lens quality, sharpness, Read More

Incredible Bay Area Video

Read More

Cambodian New Year

We attended a performance of Cambodian dance in Oakland today. The performances by children of all ages were so beautiful! If you’re looking for more pictures, click here! Read More

Dark Matter, Dark Energy

My first Future Friday talk by an enthusiastic, animated Dr. Alexi Fillipenko was entertaining and informative. It left me with a sense of wonder – as in, I wonder how much of what we think we know about the universe is actually accurate. Read More

Alert the Media!

The paparazzi caught this glimpse of Kellster sporting a sassy new do tonight at Dopo. Read More

St. Patrick’s Day

I didn’t have to look to hard to find some green on this gorgeous St. Patrick’s Day at Tilden Park in Oakland, California! By he way, I don’t normally shoot directly into the sun. When I took this, I was channeling my talented friend Erin, a terrific photographer who has totally mastered the technique. Read More

Fabulous Kellster!

Kelly is absolutely fabulous before last night’s Xenophon Gala. I’ve been staring at this beautiful woman for two days now, and I still cannot believe how lucky I am! Read More

Sundial Bridge, Redding

We’re a long way from the truly spectacular Milwaukee Art Museum, but not all that far from another beautiful Santiago Calatravo design. The Sundial Bridge is a gorgeous and unexpected treasure in Redding, California. Read More

Angry Bird

Kelly’s beloved Boo isn’t really angry. I think he’s just infatuated with the handsome photographer. Read More

Second Super Sunday

What fun! Great game, even if the wrong team came out on top. We first took a shot like this last year, and decided to do it again in 2013. Looking forward to a third shot in 2014! Read More

Loving Loft Life

Looking to my left… I took another shot at a bit of an angle. It’s amazing how such a minor shift in perspective can create such a major change. Read More


After seeing the smoke on the commute this evening, I made the choice to walk over to the fire to see what I could see. That was a mistake. I should have gone straight to the roof of our building. If I had, I would be posting a very cool shot of a flaming house Read More

Christmas Crabs

The Hunter Clan wanted to try something new this holiday, so we decided to have a crab feast at the Franciscan. Our expectations were low due to the touristy location, but we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food and outstanding service. Read More

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