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Total Lunar Eclipse

The skyline, some friends and the wonders of our Solar System.      Read More

Some Very Smart People

I have the good fortune to work with some incredibly bright people. Today I was asked to take photgraphs of a few of them. The images are to be printed in a scientific paper soon to be published in The Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. Meet Ann Loraine, Mike Siani-Rose and Melissa Cline. The Read More

Blasted Animals

I had a chance to try out a Canon 420EX flash unit on Kelly’s Canon G3 tonight, and so to put it through its paces, I chose a couple of the most difficult subjects I know and put them into horrible lighting conditions. I threw out at least 30 images to get these three, but Read More

The Best for Last?

We decided to spend Kerry’s last evening with our dear friends Chris and Ben. Ben was kind enough to prepare a splendid Thai dinner for all of us. As always, it was totally delicious. After dinner we watched a huge fireworks display (the anual KFOG KABOOM!) from the balcony of Chris and Ben’s home. Later, Read More

Eat, Drink, Eat, Repeat…

We began the day with lunch at the fabulous Rutherford Grill, where we enjoyed the world’s best smoked salmon and a grilled artichoke in the warm Napa Valley sunshine. Our next stop was at the popular V. Sattui Winery for a taste of their famously fresh, flowery wines. Later, we stopped at Clos Pegase. The Read More

A Mighty Funny Movie

After a quick dinner at a new noodle joint near the theater, we decided on A Mighty Wind. We were not disappointed. My face hurt after 94 minutes of continuous smiling and laughing. While not as funny as Best In Show, this reviewer still gives A Mighty Wind an enthusiastic thumbs up!      Talk to Read More

Next Activity!

Another spectacular day in the Bay Area begins with a ferry trip across the San Francisco Bay and ends (surprise!) with some kind of food. Along the way, we visited the Museum of Modern Art, the Metreon and Rickenbacker’s for a fabulous lunch. This evening promises more fabulous food and maybe a movie. We’re torn Read More

Sushi and Jazz

A perfect ending to a perfect day! The three of us walked to Yoshi’s for sushi and the Dave Ellis Quintet. The sushi was good. Kerry especially liked the unagi (eel). Yum! The jazz was even better. None of us had ever heard of Dave Ellis, but we all loved the show. Dave is articulate, Read More

Doin’ that Tourist Thang

Just as Jim promised, the weather was perfect today. You know – one of those awesome days in the bay area – warm sun, cool breezes. We decided to spend the day sightseeing around the City by the Bay. We took in a few of the city’s most scenic spots – Golden Gate Park, the Read More

She’s here!

Kerry arrived this afternoon. I’ll say one thing – the girl travels light! Here she is carrying ALL of her luggage. Amazing. She’s been here only a few hours, and I’m happy to report that I can put away the antacid – my nerves are returning to normal. It’s clear already that we’re going to Read More

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Even though it’s getting late, I have to take a moment to give a very stong recommendation to a fabulous restaurant. Our good friends Tom and Julie recommended that we celebrate Cinco de Mayo at Dona Tomas None of us had ever eaten there before. We were not disppointed. Dona Tomas is outstanding. Highly recommended! Read More

Follow-up to Bad Day Below

Tthis story is just too amazing to miss. Unbelievable!!! Climber who amputated own arm describes ordeal Read More

Little Fluffy Clouds

A site seldom seen in the bay area – magnificent display of cumulus congestus. (Yes, I looked it up.) These images were captured by Steve Fossum from the ferry on the San Francisco Bay.    Read More

Mindless entertainment : A Happy Email Alternative Read More

Robbie Returns!

Our dear friend and neighbor Robbie is back from more than a month in Bali. She had such a wonderful time that claims she’s ready to move there. (Make sure you have a guest bedroom for Jim and Kelly!) She took an Esalen massage class at the Melati Cottages in Ubud, Bali. Now, in order Read More

It’s Derby Day!

One of Kelly’s favorite days of the year. Here she is – margarita in hand cheering on Buddy Gil. Does he have a chance? We’ll see… She also mentioned Peace Rules. Of course, neither of us ever picks a winner. Read More

So, You Think You Had a Bad Day?

Colorado climber who amputated his arm had no other choice, rescuer says Read More

Virtual Tours

If you have never clicked on my Virtual Tours link – do it now. If you’re interested, I used four different cameras in the making of these, but just one piece of software – PhotoVista – dataing back to the days when it was part of John Scully’s Live Picture. (Later it was owned by Read More

My way-before-Christmas wish-list

I know – it’s a bit early, but I just saw this this little beauty. I want one! (Maybe I should buy one for my wife – wink, wink.) Read More

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