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Another Photographer in da Hood

Lst night while Andrew was here, we had a look at some of pictures he shot at Burning Man 2000. We came across so many fabulous shots that I was compelled to post a few of my favorites here. Read More

Sites on My Server

I have the pleasure of hosting some pretty cool sites on my server. Please take a moment to look at one of them by an amazing illustrator – Charlie Powell. Read More

Little Things Make a Big Difference

Kelly bought us the cutest little cake for dessert tonight. Read More

606 Takes to Get It Right!

The first time I tried to have a look at this the server had been slashdotted and I could not get a connection. Well, today I finally had a my first look at Honda’s New Accord Advertisement, “Cog”, and you should too! (Four megabyte file.) Read More

Todd’s a Bit Odd…

Oh my gawd, I wish I had seen this before Valentine’s Day! While you’re at it, check out every single one of the excellent cartoons (they’re more like funny comic strips with motion) at Odd Todd’s. After the first two, I was completely hooked. Read More

Feelin’ Lazy

OK, so I don’t post to my blog every day. Especially when I have to re-number our network again and move the servers again. Add to that tonight’s H.O.A. meeting and I’m just un-motivated as hell. I did find this gem, though. Read More

Chris and Ben and Toby!

Our holiday weekend ended at Chris and Ben’s fabulous home in the Oakland hills. We grazed on fantastic food and took in gorgeous views from the balcony in the unusually warm sun. Ahhh… As always, it’s great to see Toby. I have a lot of fond memories of the five years we spent together in Read More

Straight Dope

I could spend a whole day on this web page. Read More

Virtual Playa – Updated!

This really is just so cool! Andrew is unstoppable. His latest enhancement to his Virtual Playa has to be seen to be believed. If you ar e a Flight Sim and/or Burning Man fan I recommend you download Andrew’s scenery files now.      Read More

Picnic in Tracy

It’s always great spending time with Paul and Joanna. Yesterday’s weather in Tracy was perfect for a barbecue. The wine was great, as was the conversation.      A very special thanks to Joanna for making one of her incredible strawberry cheesecakes for us. We’ll be bringing it to another outing tomorrow at Chris and Ben’s. Read More

Film Photography Ain’t Easy

As part of an informal project at work, I’m shooting high resolution photographs all of my company’s campuses. I got excellent results on the shots of our Emeryville office. Unfortunately, the shots I took this week of three buildings in Santa Clara are useless. Even though I carried a digital camera and shot numerous test Read More

Cooler Than Me??

Kelly’s high school friend Steve “The Laminator” Billings and his lovely companion Debra visited tonight. I was a bit intimidated at first ‘cuz Kelly hinted that Steve might be “even cooler than I am.” Whoa! And so, to make sure that at least the dinner was a success, we opted for the best restaurant within Read More

Cafe CoCoMo

Throbbing, rythmic, sweaty, sweet, sexy, dizzy, black light, colors, colors. I can’t wipe the smile from my face. Oh my! Read More

Burning Man Scenery for Flight Sim

My incredibly talented friend and neighbor dipped his big toe into 3D modeling and produced some amazing results. Behold The Virtual Playa. The intricately detailed model of The Man is just the beginning. Andrew has very ambitious plans. He hopes to recreate many of the significant features from the Playa. Looks like Emerald City is Read More

An Almost Perfect Opera

I have been evaluating Opera and I am coming to the conclusion that it’s the world’s best browser. The program looks and feels identical on Windows and on Linux. It’s very fast. It’s e-mail integration is sweet – Opera replaces both Mozilla and my usual mail client – and you already know how much I Read More

Jim’s Christmas List Item #2

How ’bout this wristwatch/USB hard drive? It would make a perfect stocking-stuffer, don’t ya think? 😉 Read More

Maria’s Here!

One of my most-est favorite-est people in the world is visiting. She left her partner William at home in Glen Ellen to come and spend a few days with her old pals at Fourth Street Lofts. Maria is one of the reasons I love living here as much as I do. She lived in the Read More

Extreme Weather Guide

My friend Chris is working on a book. Weather is his passion – he went to college in Wisconsin because of the weather. His new book details weather extremes from around the world. Today the two of us put our heads together and worked out a preliminary design for the book cover. We’re quite pleased Read More

Scott’s Seafood

Later that night at dinner… (Next time Kerry visits we’ll be sure to take her to Scott’s. The Cajun Popcorn Shrimp is yummy, and the Oysters Rockefeller are superb. Kelly loves her crab salad, too!)  &nbsp   Read More

True Love

Kelly claims that she does not always love her birds. To support this blatant lie, she says things like, “Orion can be a real pain in the ass…” Yeah, right!! She totally loves him. See for yourself. Read More

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