Took these off of Channel 12 news.

Took these off of Channel 12 news. This is at Echo Park and the Vets Building. The water isn’t just coming over the dam it is coming over the levee around the lake. The National guard is being called in. There is a 10:00 curfew. All 4 bridges are closed. People are being told to be prepared to evacuate. It is unbelievable.


  • Jim Pire

    Amazing! I remember a flood when I lived there, (helped sandbag around the Vet’s building, I think), but it never amounted to much. This looks like a real flood!

  • Cindy Agner

    You can’t even get around town because of the flooding. These were taken yesterday afternoon and I guess it hit 16.5 feet last night and should be receding. Dave Seitz​ has some fabulous video that he should post here.

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