While we’re speaking of basements, here are a few from a party Jeff hosted, apparently around the holidays.

I distinctly remember him serving frozen pizzas topped with little meatball looking things that turned out to be cat food at one of these parties.

Who’s the dude with the bowling pin?

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  1. Cindy Agner says:

    Not by the way Ann is dressed. Christmas in July?

  2. Ann Kerkman says:

    I may have had on a sweater or jacket that I had taken off too. I have no idea who the bowling pin guy is. And now I am nauseous thinking about the cat food pizza!

  3. Jim Pire says:

    Ann Kerkman I’m sure we all gobbled it with gusto.

  4. Kevin Kline says:

    That’s Craig Johnson, a friend from high school.

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