I have always believed in God.

I have always believed in God. But it has only been a few years that I have come to understand what a relationship with him requires. Over time I have realized many times he has intervened in my life to save me from harm or by blessing me with all that I have. He has whispered to me to share what I have been blessed with and at times shouted at me to change my selfish direction.

One time, while working under a cart in my garage a few years ago, I turned my head only to see a white dove sitting five feet from me on the ground. I thought at the time it was God letting me know he was with me as I doubted him, but wasn’t sure what else it might mean. I have listened and ignored, but the miracle he performed on Sunday for me and my family cannot be denied.

I was working on a golf cart in my garage this Sunday evening. I lifted the front of the cart and put four jack stands under it to keep the front wheels up. I crawled under the cart with my head towards the back of cart and my feet out the front laying on my back. I proceeded to remove some bolts but things started to go wrong. I had forgotten to disconnect the battery cable and as I started to remove another bolt the parking break released. I thought, “this isn’t good, but the cart shouldn’t move” and I continued to remove a bolt. All of a sudden the cart drive system activated and began to push the cart forward and off the stands. In a flash I was pinned completely under the cart, at that moment I realized I was in big trouble and screamed, I think twice, as loud as I could for someone to help me. I realized my wife had just left and I thought I was now alone and no neighbors could have heard me.

The cart was now slowly dragging me out of the garage as I fought to stop it and fought to do something to save myself. I tried to use my feet but they ended up swiping sideways on either side of my body and ending up with my feet by my hips. At this point the cart was now compressing my chest to the point where all my air had been pushed out and I was unable to take another breath. I was not going to be able stop what was going to happen next. At that moment I surrendered and stopped struggling.

Once I stopped struggling God took over. All of a sudden my daughter was there next to the cart. She had been in her bedroom and had decided not to go with my wife earlier, too far to hear my earlier screams, but for an unknown reason got up and came out to find me. I heard her say, “what should I do, what should I do?” She sounded calm, but I could not respond. The next thing I know is the front end of the cart is being lifted off of me. This is a 850lb electric cart that she is lifting!!!

But the struggle was not over. My shirt was caught on the undercarriage of the cart and I still couldn’t move. I knew I had to start fighting to get out, not knowing how long she could hold this cart up. She lifted it not just an inch or two, but high enough for me to bring my feet back around and because I couldn’t get my shirt I decided to put my knees up and my feet by my butt to use them as braces to hold the cart up so at least I could breath. I told her to put the cart down. This is the part that is most emotional for me, she said NO!.

So again it was time to fight. Looking back it felt like the evil one was grabbing my shirt and chest fighting to keep me stuck. But I started to tear my shirt and inch by inch moved to the side. I don’t know for sure how long she has held the cart up at this point but is more than a minute probably two. I finally get 2/3 of my body out from under the cart but still attached, I told her to put it down. She set it down gently and came to my aid. She helped pull the shirt off my back and freed me completely.

I am FREE and ALIVE!! As I laid on the ground gasping for breath trying to comprehend what had just happened she remained calm. She assessed my injuries and said we need to get to the ER. I should have torn ligaments in my knees, a crushed pelvis, a crushed chest cavity and a crushed skull. But I know in that moment I have none of those injuries. All I have is scrapes and bruises. God had his body wrapped around mine and his hands under my daughter’s hands. He kept her home to save me, He whispered to her to come to me. He did not allow her to doubt she could do what she needed to do to save me. My daughter is my hero and God is my Savior!!!

As I reflect on not understanding what his sign entirely meant years ago I now realize the spot the cart was lifted off me is the exact same spot the White Dove was sitting years ago. Now I understand completely. As I began my walk with God back then he gave me a sign I had not requested. It meant that he was real, that he loved me and if I believed I would be saved. I chose to believe and was saved.

Now I am left to figure out why I am still here, what is God’s plan for me and how can I insure I honor him. I know the first thing is to tell this story so those who believe can receive confirmation of his existence and believe deeper, and for those who don’t believe possibly put a crack in those hardened hearts so they know he loves them despite their doubts and is ready for them always. Praise God and thanks to my daughter my Hero.

And an after note my sister pointed out, if you look at my Facebook page you will see a photo of my amazing granddaughters that my wife took a few months ago and I posted months ago. As amazing as the girls are the more amazing part is the writing on the bench they are sitting on. GOD KNOWS ALL!!!!!!




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