An update from Melissa

“Kevin update: I’m sorry I haven’t updated in a while but there’s been a lot going on. When Kevin was discharged from the rehab center the doctors had put him on the traditional heart attack medications, one of which happened to be Coreg to lower his blood pressure. The problem with that is that Kevin has always had low blood pressure except when they resuscitated him, after that he had a couple of spikes but it would always come down again. Unfortunately with his blood pressure being so low (normal is around 120/80 and his is frequently 80/60) he is really struggling with severe dizziness and lightheartedness. I finally got them to take him off the Coreg but he’s still struggling with his blood pressure and no one really seems to know what to do.

This coming Tuesday he’s having some more labs done and then a chemical stress test to see how his heart is doing. It sounds like after that he will need another angiogram to see how his heart is performing and then depending on the results it sounds like he will need a second stent put in. When they placed the first one they were debating on whether or not to put a second one in then but decided to just clean the artery first and see how he progressed from there.

Unfortunately due to how low his blood pressure is they won’t take him at rehab so he hasn’t had any since his discharge. His health insurance has assigned him a nurse to help us with any issues he’s having so I gave her a call and told her what was going on. She immediately sent orders over to his primary doctor to sign to allow him to have rehab at home and I know he’ll authorize it. He desperately needs this, it will be physical therapy, occupational therapy and a nurse to come double check his blood pressure and help him with his meds. I can’t even begin to tell you how relieved I am that this is happening, he’s so incredibly tired all the time so hopefully these things will help.

He sees the neurologist on 3/3, hopefully they will order another MRI so they can check to see how the swelling in his brain is doing (caused by the lack of oxygen to the brain until we got his heart beating again). He is still having a lot of difficulty with his short term memory, hopefully they will have some answers on how long/if that will improve.

Considering how bad the heart attack was he is doing remarkably well and will continue to improve with the new protocols in place.

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers, we appreciate you all so much! Take care everyone!”

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