Kevin update from February 19th –

Here is the latest news on Kevin. I’m a little disappointed, and scared, that he hasn’t made more progress. I fb messaged Melissa asking when it would be a good time for us to come visit. These are the responses I received.

“Hey Cindy! There’s a lot going on, he’s struggling with really low blood pressure and still has issues with his short term memory. He goes in 3/1 for a chemically induced stress test, then it sounds like another angiogram & probably a 2nd stent surgery. He’s got a very long road ahead of him. He sees the neurologist on 3/4, hopefully they will be able to check on the brain damage and be able to tell if it’s permanent or if it’ll return to normal.

I would recommend waiting, right now he’s so exhausted that he’s hardly awake for more then an hour at a time. He’s also lightheaded and dizzy from the low blood pressure it’s hard for him to get up. He hasn’t been able to go to rehab since he got out of the hospital because his blood pressure is so low they won’t see him, it’s a liability issue-they don’t want him to fall on their property.”

This breaks my heart. It sounds like he’s a long way from being out of the woods. I told Melissa to let us know if she needs help with anything. Hopefully, one of us can rearrange our schedule and help her out.

Love to all of you. Cindy

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