Destination Unknown

You may be wondering how far is it from my house to Kevin’s house. It’s two CD’s. Specifically, the Drifters Greatest Hits and Smokey Robinson and the Miracles Greatest Hits. I think they may have heard me on the North Dakota border singing “Tracks of My Tears.” Ok, I’m exaggerating a bit, but I’m sure the other cars that I passed were covering their ears with my eardrum piercing vocals.

I was fired up about seeing Kevin today, even though earlier in the week I talked with Melissa and she told me Kevin’s blood pressure was very low and he was just unmotivated to do anything. She thought some meds he was taking may be part of the blame. So he stopped taking them recently. I could tell Melissa was stressed and just needed a break.


When I arrived (fired up from my Motown fix), Kevin wasn’t ready.  It took him quite a while to come down from his bedroom.  I was a concerned he really didn’t give a “s___.” 

 After Melissa made a few trips to the bedroom, Kevin finally came down walking with a cane. His voice was very clear – just like normal and he seemed very alert.

 I said to Kevin “Wanna take a ride?” He looked at me kinda skeptical. “Suuuure.”

“Don’t worry I’ll bring you back – someday…”

Big smile from Kevin.

“How about Seattle? Ever been there?

“Noooo” he replied.

“I have a full tank of gas – let’s see how far it gets us. Should we pick up a 12 pack?”

At first, we drove with no destination in mind and with little conversation. Ironically, we did head west.  What impressed me was he knew his way around and gave me accurate directions. ”Go right, turn here….”

During our conversations we talked about the past, missing being on the radio and other things. His memory was quite remarkable. He corrected me that Van Halen played lead on “Dirty Diana” by Michael Jackson, not Randy Rhoads.

I asked him a few times if he wanted to stop somewhere.

“I really don’t care” was his response.

“Cruisin” by Smokey Robinson came on. “I love this song but I’m not going to go parking with you,” I said. We both chuckled.

Towards the end of the road trip to nowhere, I could tell he was tiring and was more forgetful.

After we got back and I was getting ready to leave he said, “You’re coming up next week aren’t you?”

I was really encouraged that he is looking to the future and making plans.

Kevin is by no means “out of the woods.” Every time I see him there is improvement, but I also see things that are concerning.  He wants things to happen faster, but it will take 6 months to a year before we know the full extent of his recovery.  I have noticed that some of his short-term memory is improving.

Melissa says they will need to put another stent in, but his blood pressure needs to get higher and he needs to start moving around more. He has not been going to Physical Therapy because of his blood pressure.

Kevin and I both agreed that we have more adventures ahead of us.


“You’re gonna fly away, glad your goin’ my way, I love it when we’re cruising together…”




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