As I promised last time I saw all of you, I’m going to make an effort to better communicate with my pals. Here is my first attempt – a CLAM Community!

I chose Google+ because of the splendid way it handles images, (zoom!!!) and because of how good its two-column layout looks on my iMac. (If you are only viewing this Community on a phone, you are really missing out!)

I hope you will find yourself inspired to post something here. When you create a post, you can assign it to a Category, listed there on the left. I’m really looking forward to activity in the Music Category. Let me know if you have recommendations for additional Categories!

I’ll also try to accumulate links to CLAM-related sites over time. If you don’t see the links on the upper-right, you are using the new Google+, and links will appear under the Info icon in the upper-left. Have a peek at Kathy Jackson’s (Weiler) beautiful new winery/art studio. http://www.studiowinery.com/Studio_Winery/Studio_Winery.html Wow!

So, please, please try out this wonderful resource. I would REALLY like to hear from all of you. Show me that we can create a vibrant CLAM Community!


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