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I like keyboard shortcuts. I’ve always been a fan of the J/K navigation in Gmail and other sites. I first saw it on Boston Globe’s Big Picture, which unfortunately seems to have done away with it in favor of a sort of on-demand scroll, presumably to save bandwidth. Well, we have bandwidth to spare here at thedude redux, so I was pleased to discover a WordPress plugin that enables this useful keyboard shortcut.

What is J/K navigation, you ask? You can see it in action by pressing the J and K keys. The “J” will move down the page exactly one post, the “K” moves back up to the top of the previous post. It even moves to the next/previous page when it needs to. Try it. You’ll be instantly hooked, and wish more sites did this.

While searching for the plugin, I discovered this history of j/k navigation. Fascinating. To UNIX nerds like me, anyway.


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  • Cindy

    Interesting. I never knew that (J/K). You don’t have to be a UNIX nerd to appreciate the article. Computer geeks do to. 🙂

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