California’s got the most of them… Boy they got a host of them.
–Frank Zappa

So, we took the day off so that we could be home to accept delivery of a new table. Even though the table was in stock when we ordered it, we decided to wait until the shipment was complete to save on shipping charges. So, today, after a three week wait, they delivered the LEGS only – no TOP. They have offered word on when the rest of the table will be delivered. Dang! We expected better from Crate & Barrel. On the plus side, we did get this new cabinet.

On a side note, this is a Lightroom HDR image. I set the camera to bracket, and hand-held the shots. The three images were then combined and aligned automatically in Lightroom to produce this image, which has far greater dynamic range than would be possible in a normal exposure.


Crate & Barrel came through after all. They delivered and assembled the table on Saturday morning. Yay!


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