1083 Rosies Set A New World Record

What record, you ask? Why, “The Largest Gathering of People Dressed as a Rosie the Riveter”, of course! (Guinness has a world record category for everything, it seems.)

The fun-filled Rosie Rally took place in Richmond, CA – apparently the real home of Rosie the Riveter. Participants were for the most part dressed to perfectly match the original Rosie, save for the occasional pair of sunglasses to keep out the blazing, 95-degree sun. The previous record of 776 Rosies, previously held by some place in Michigan was easily shattered by our Can-Do California Rosies. Congratulations, ladies!

Several real Rosies were on hand and eager to share their stories with younger Ms. Riveters, and a very cool Rosie statue was unveiled.

More photos from this event on Google+.

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