Day Three

Our third day finds us in the unpronounceable city of Rouen. Eighteen year old Joan of Arc was burned alive here. A chapel was erected in the 1970’s near the exact spot of her death.

This prosperous city of 107,000 people and 70 church steeples is also home to many wooden and stone structures dating to the 16th century. I find it amazing that wood can survive this long, but here it is in all it’s bent and bulging glory.

Charming streets lined with very old structures. Formerly a burial ground, now an art school.
Not sure what this ad is about, but we saw several of these. This gate surrounding a the Rouen Courthouse means business.
The aptly named Big Clock. Check out the lean on the building to the right!
Tiny reminder that Christmas is coming. Just a bit of cool Christmas decoration.
The view of a few of the 70-odd steeples from the Wonder Wheel. That's St. Joan of Arc Chapel in the left foreground. Lots of folks smoke cigarettes.
Today's geometry lesson. A 670-year-old restaurant serves amazing apple tart.

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