The spectacular Melk Abbey provided plenty of eye-popping splendor on today’s tour. We found a delightful mix of the ultra-modern design and treasures from the past. The library was really stunning, but unfortunately, no photos were allowed. To give you some idea what it looked like, have a look at this amazing 3D shot of a similar library in the Czech Republic.

Hall of gold and mirrors

In a corner of the church.

Looking up in the church.

The most precious item in the Abbey – a portable altar dating from the eleventh century on display in the Green Room.

Portable altar dating from the 11th century.

Spotted on the walk back to the ship from the Abbey. I especially like the knitted QR code. Unfortunately, my QR scanning app won’t scan the code. 🙁

Love the QR code. Have you scanned it yet?

More shots from today’s tour can be found here.

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