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It Took Just 22 Years…

I finally posted my Oakland Hills Fire Video. It took a bit of motivation from Chris Burt, who mentions it in his recent blog about wild fires to actually make it happen. It’s RAW footage, and the Hi-8-poorly-converted-to-DVD quality is pretty horrendous, but some (like Chris) still find it interesting. For me, the video is a tiny bit embarrassing. When you hear me speak – it’s too my Mom. And I sound so young…

I’m extremely lucky to have captured this significant event in Bay Area history. Of course, the video definitely doesn’t do justice to what it actually feels like to be in the midst of a conflagration like this. I never thought I’d become a casualty of the fire, but the sounds, the smells – these will never leave me.

1991 Oakland Hills Fire from piredude on Vimeo.

By the way, If I’m ever involved in another disaster if this magnitude, I promise to shoot a much better video – along with 10,000 other cell-phone videographers.

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