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Arm Chair Nature Photography

I put my recently purchased 15 foot USB cable to work this morning. I set up this simple rig and connected the cable to my iMac, launched a tethered session in Lightroom and went back to my work. Then whenever I heard the high-pitched squeak of a hungry hummer, without even looking out the window, I hit command-tab to switch to Lightroom and remotely triggered the camera as fast as possible. Here is the very first shot!

Coming in for a perfect landing

Here’s the third shot.

Shootin' the bird from my office chair.

Nikon’s fabulous lighting system allowed me to shoot these at 1/5000 of a second and still use flash. The only problem is that there seems to be a tiny pre-flash, and these hummers are FAST! Often they are well into skeedaddle mode even before the shutter trips.

But then, once in a while this happens.

Beautiful, isn't he? Kelly named him Scarface.
You lookin' at me?

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