First SONY DSC-RX100 Shot

After reading a couple of glowing reviews like this one, I decided to pick up a SONY DSC-RX100, the images I’m seeing from it are very impressive! It’s amazing that a camera this small deliver images this big! The list of technological achievements in this tiny gem is long. An f1.8, 3.7X zoom lens, 20 megapixel RAW images, a huge 1″ sensor, ten frames-per-second burst mode, stereo HD video, macro mode to 2″. Awesome! After just two hours with this camera, the battery is dead, and my mind is blown – again.

Hat tip to Grant for pointing me to this free Mac-only Russian ARW to RAW converter! With it, I can easily convert SONY’s proprietary RAW format into something usable.

Click here to view the image at full resolution.

Thanks as always to the Kellster for being such a good sport!


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