Mt. Dundas, Thule Greenland

So, I have been thinking about filling out my Facebook Timeline with images from my past. (I know – can you believe it? thedude wasting so much time on FB??) I’m not sure I’ll do that though. I’d rather post the pictures here, where I have more control over the design and resolution. (I like to post at resolutions MUCH higher than possible on Facebook.) Then, if I think I need to share a particular post with my Facebook friends, I’ll click the little “Like” button, and Boom! Link-O-Matic!

I have lots of cool pictures from my 17 months in Greenland, (pun intended) and was inspired to post this after looking at a Thule Alumni Page on Facebook. If you’re interested, I have another shot taken from the top of mount Dundas.

2 thoughts on “Mt. Dundas, Thule Greenland”

  1. I have many memories of looking at Mt. Dunde when I made two six month trips to Thule Greenland on the Ice Breaker, USCGC WESTWIND, summers of 1962 and 1963. Thanks for this great photo…………

  2. US Army, out of Ft Eustice, Transportation 1958. Arrived late May, left late October. Drove a tractor trailer, 12 hours per day seven days per week as long as ships needed to be off loaded. Drove our flat beds full of supplies to the various warehouses for the Air Force for the winter. When we left the bay was frozen over and very cold almost 24 hours of darkness. Have many 35mm slides, carried a camera all the time. Once it slowed down had a tug tour of the glacier. Took supplies to the Danish village which was off limits to all, so was Mt Dundas. Saw many Danish beautiful blondes. We were still in the cold war, many places were off limits. We deivered all the radar materials 18 miles out of Thule to civilian workers, constructing new radar sites. Also carried missles on the flat bed trucks escorted by Air Police not driving over 5 MPH. Could go on and on about stories only there five months. Were treated like gods by the Air Force. We ate like kings

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