Mt. Dundas, Thule Greenland

So, I have been thinking about filling out my Facebook Timeline with images from my past. (I know – can you believe it? thedude wasting so much time on FB??) I’m not sure I’ll do that though. I’d rather post the pictures here, where I have more control over the design and resolution. (I like to post at resolutions MUCH higher than possible on Facebook.) Then, if I think I need to share a particular post with my Facebook friends, I’ll click the little “Like” button, and Boom! Link-O-Matic!

I have lots of cool pictures from my 17 months in Greenland, (pun intended) and was inspired to post this after looking at a Thule Alumni Page on Facebook. If you’re interested, I have another shot taken from the top of mount Dundas.

One thought on “Mt. Dundas, Thule Greenland”

  1. I have many memories of looking at Mt. Dunde when I made two six month trips to Thule Greenland on the Ice Breaker, USCGC WESTWIND, summers of 1962 and 1963. Thanks for this great photo…………

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