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Hovercards are Cool

I know I’ve metioned Gravatars before and told you how cool they are. Having your own Globally Recognized Avatar is very cool. It puts a face to the commenter on numerous blogs and other social media sites. Avatars can be associated with e-mail addresses, so you can have a nice G-rated professional-looking shot for comments on your company wiki and a different image to adorn comments you leave on

Now the folks at have made Gravatars even cooler. When used with a plugin that enables Hovercards, you can get to know more about the commenter by simply hovering over their avatar. If your profile includes links, and a few images, they appear here. Check out this entry’s comment section to see it in action

By the way, in case you never noticed, hovering over any of the images on this site often reveals a little extra detail about the shot. 🙂

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