Fifteen Minutes of FLAME!

deadliest-DudeOK, here it is, more than twenty years after the devastating Oakland Hills Fire, and we’re still talking about it. Well, at least I’m still talking about it. This time I’m sharing my experience with the crew from yet another reality show — Deadliest Planet. Watch out! Here comes another urban fire video!

It’s not hard to recall the events of that day, but just before the interview, we visited the fire zone to shoot some B-roll, and this had the unexpected effect of heightening my memories of the experience and probably made for a much better interview. We’ll have to see how the editors piece my sound bites together. I just hope it’s not totally embarrassing.

Stay tuned to for show times and dates!




  • cindy

    So cool! Can’t wait.

  • Wen.

    Oh my gersh… I can’t believe it’s been that long! I remember walking thru the rubble with the dude and Kellage… quite amazing. Can’t wait to see the interview… perhaps Uncle David and I can watch together… 🙂


  • Kalvin

    The first show had the greatest line ever delivered in a reality show… “Goodbye Amy’s fish.” Some reason that one always makes me giggle. I have no ill feelings toward Amy’s fish and sincerely wish them no harm.

  • thedude

    It was actually, “Good luck, Amy’s fish”. [1]

    [1] No fish were harmed in the making of this film.

    (Nice to see the Gravatar, Kalvin!!)

  • cindy

    What channel is it on? I can’t find it.

  • thedude

    They told me it’d be aired “in the March time frame”. I will, of course, spam each and every one of you so you can Tivo it and watch me make a fool of myself over and over…

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