Wyoming Postcard

Even at f22, the depth of focus is too shallow. Jason’s right. I need tilts and swings. Damn. What’s cheaper, a decent used 4 x 5 rig or one of these?


  • Antonio

    A cheap solution would be to take multiple shots and merge them. Register them with hugin then save as layers, then pick and choose the best areas. you could do a giga pan with the autofocus on.There even are algorithms to merge multiple images based on highest contrast.if the subject is completely still.another approach would be to take a movie with a fast autofocus camera and turn that into a picture. Other than some sony camera I don’t know of a software to pull it off

  • Jason

    Going LF is an investment. I think you’d be better off with a T/S lens. Computational photography has lots of advances, but frankly you can solve this with a little forward tilt and a single capture 🙂

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