EXIF and GPS Info in Google Chrome

I hope by now you’re all using Google Chrome. It recently replaced Firefox as my browser of choice. I use it on my PC and my Mac because of its blazing fast speed, built-in Flash and PDF viewer and especially because of a couple of awesome plugins. One of my favorites is this excellent EXIF viewer. The extension displays EXIF info when hovering over images of a user-configurable size or greater. (I have mine set to 600 x 300 pixels.) It’s often nice to see what camera, lens and lens settings were used to make a shot. What sets this Extension apart from other EXIF viewers is the way it includes GPS info. When you hover over an image with embedded GPS info, you see something like the screen below. Hover over the red GPS icon to view a map displaying where the shot was taken.

These days more and more digital cameras include GPS coordinates along with the image data. The iPhone saves location info with every image, and soon every digital camera will do the same. With this nifty Chrome Extension installed, you can see not only how the shot was made, but where.

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  1. This is my modest list of extensions:

    AdBlock – Version: 2.2.28
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    Better Gmail (Unofficial) – Version: 2.1.53
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    BugMeNot Lite – Version: 0.3.9
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    FlashBlock – Version: 0.9.31
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    Ghostery – Version: 2.2.2
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    Google Ads Search remover – Version: 2.4
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    Google Quick Scroll – Version: 1.7
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    Google SSL Web Search beta (by Google) – Version: 1.3
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    Google Voice (by Google) – Version:
    Make calls, send SMS, preview Inbox, and get notified of new messages. (US only)

    KB SSL Enforcer – Version: 1.0.19
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    Keep My Opt-Outs – Version: 1.0.10
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    Read Later Fast – Version: 1.2.1
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    RSS Subscription Extension (by Google) – Version: 2.1.3
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    Secbrowsing – plugin version checker – Version: 1.7
    Periodically checks that all your plugins are up-to-date.

    Tab to the next – Version: 1.7
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    Weather Underground – Version: 2.5
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    Yet Another Google Bookmarks Extension – Version: 1.7
    YAGBE – Displays Google Bookmarks in a tree. Supports nested labels, searching, sorting, creating, and managing Google Bookmarks.

  2. Yeah, Chrome rocks. I hated to give up Firefox, but Chrome is just too fast, and the integration with Google Voice is just too important to me.

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