Busy Boy

Whew! What a month it’s been! The lack of blog activity only hints at how busy I’ve been. My new job is chewing up every free moment, and I love it. If you know me, you know that I’m happiest when I’m busy. The new job is a blast. I have control over lots of things I only wish I had in my previous job. I’m able to make an improvement almost every day. What a great feeling. I am sooo happy to have made the move.

And it’s not just work that’s keeping me busy these days. It’s also my home network, which I’ve been steadily upgrading. The network in my loft now surpasses most small business networks in speed and reliability. This morning I finally got WAN failover working between two networks – my blazing fast fiber connection to Paxio and a slower, but super-reliable DSL connection to Speakeasy. This will ensure that our uptime is as close to 100% as possible. Awesome!

Despite feeling busier than ever, I still manage to squeeze off a shot now and then.


  • angastura bitters

    JIM! no lie: i just had an out-of-the-blue thought on my jog this morning wondering how you were doing these days. glad to hear you’re busy and liking the new digs.

    hey i had a question from one of your photos I had seen a while back on this site: you have this cool flexible conduit spot-lighting. I want to steal that idea, did you fab up the lighting yourself or did you source it from someone/somewhere?

    anyway, glad to hear you’re hammering away. later, ant

  • A.

    You have me drooling…FIBER!!! How awesome! are those photos of rooms in your house or a B&B somewhere? Lovely either way. I dig cemeteries, so very fun to see that great tombstone…

  • thedude

    TIP: Hover over the images at thedude.com to learn more about them. 🙂

  • sandy

    yay, you’re back blogging!

  • Kalvin

    So happy that the move was a good one. Changing jobs is always a stressful thing. Congratulations my friend!

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