Neomorphic Ten Year Reunion

Ten years ago I got a job at Neomorphic, Inc. — a small start-up with a big idea and a fabulous group of individuals who, as a team, definitely got ‘er done. I am extremely lucky to have been part of this amazing team, led by Martin Reese, Cyrus Harmon and Gregg Helt.

Thanks to hosts Hari Tamanna and Joe Morris, grillmeister Erik Burns and especially to Sara, for all the hard work and for taking the fabulous group shot. It was awesome to see all of you again.

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  1. Hugh Caley says:

    Good time! And don’t forget to send me a copy of that picture of me reacting badly to a George Bush, please …

  2. adam says:

    Thanks for posting this shot, Jim, also great to catch up with you all yesterday!

  3. Eric Blossom says:

    Nice shot Jim. Now we need your software for straightening wide angle photos like you did in the server room a few years ago. Let’s not wait anther ten years for the next one.

  4. Erik says:

    Yes, that was super sweet. Glad so many people came! The comraderie was palpable. What’s next in store for the Neomorphic crew?

  5. AP says:

    Sorry to have missed this one, I am on trip abroad.

  6. Don says:

    What a talented bunch! I miss my Friday’s of working in Emeryville… Hope you are all doing well in the world.

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