Happy Inauguration Day


Good riddance!


  • Mark

    OK, why do you say finally? Where is this place or was it a photoshop magic trick

  • thedude

    Why do I say finally? After 8 years of Bush? Are you kidding me? The sign says it all…

    No PhotoShop trick. This is the marquee at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland last night.

  • Wen

    I COULDN’T AGREE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Judy

    That’s fabulous and I can’t believe they actually did it.
    The Burma pictures get better and better.

  • Marilyn Davidson

    I guess Mark disagrees with you and the Marquee. That’s too bad. A Man that thought he was King,WASN’T. He leaves office at 22% and the Dear Cheney leaves at 15%. Sounds like most people stopped drinking his Kool Aide. The old saying “Good riddance to Bad Rubbish” hold true.

    Grandma D

  • Mom

    Thank Heaven he’s finally gone!

  • Kalvin

    Thank God. Maybe we can stop being the laughing stock of the world. I voted for Jessie Ventura in Minnesota because I thought 4 years of great sound bites would be entertaining. I learned my lesson and can proudly say that I never voted for this buffoon.

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