San Francisco, 1988

My old pal Steve is scanning his old slides and negatives, and he sent me this gem, shot somewhere in the late eighties – Steve thinks it was 1988 or 1989. He shot this with Kodak’s nearly grain-free Ektar 25 negative film loaded in his Pentax ME Super from San Franciso’s Corona Heights Park. (Google placemark) Yep, that’s a young dude in the foreground. If Steve’s time frame is right, I would have just returned from a year in Diego Garcia.


There was a small fire early this morning in our building’s new restaurant. It looks like a bucket of kitchen rags smoldered for hours before creating just enough heat to cause a sprinkler head to blow in the kitchen area of our favorite eatery.

The fire and smoke caused far less damage than the deluge of water from the sprinkler head. The restaurant will be closed for a few days while they replace a water-damaged wall.

I was extremely sleepy at 5:30 this morning when I took these, which probably explains why I didn’t shoot more of them.

I saw Eloisa this afternoon, and she seemed to be in pretty good spirits. We look forward to seeing MoNO open again soon!