Within Walking Distance

So, here’s an idea. Last weekend I had a visit from my old friend Sciatica. The last time I felt this exquisite pain, I wound up having back surgery. It’s hard to believe that it was 23 years ago. Even so, that’s not long enough for me to forget the pain.

So, since I know that one of the best things I can do for my back is to walk, today I took the first of what I hope will be many walks. Maybe writing it down for all to see will inspire me to stick with it, even if the electric shocks down my left leg do not.

To make the walks more interesting, I’ll try to bring my camera along and see what’s happening in the ‘hood. Turns out there’s a lot to see nearby. This is Maia. She was selling flowers in Styrofoam cups. She sold me the lovely arrangement in her hand for a dollar.

4 thoughts on “Within Walking Distance”

  1. :-) Very cute! I thought it was all homeless people wandering the area, refreshing to see it’s not!

  2. Oh dude, oh dude…..sciatica is a DAILY thing with me, as you probably remember. Right now, someone is digging a dull knife into my lower right buttcheek…..ouch. It’s already starting the painful road down my right leg….so it’s safe to say…….I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, walking is a good thing….unless you’re being dragged along by a very large Pork Chop….LOL

  3. Ouch Dude – I had a little bought of sciatica years ago. That’s why I do all those core-strengthening exercises. Get well soon.

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