New Design!

Well, I finally bit the bullet and changed the site’s look-and-feel. My motivation is only partly driven by aesthetics. The other reason is that WordPress 2.5 is just so dang good. It’s much nicer to look at and easier to use than the latest MovableType release. They seem to have fixed the problems with the WordPress Visual Editor, which makes editing a lot easier. There are thousands of attractive (free!) WordPress themes, and a growing user-community. Importing my old site into WordPress worked extremely well. All I needed to do was make some minor tweaks to the stylesheet to make my images fit perfectly, and BAM! New layout.

I really like the clean look of this theme. The newspaper layout seems to add credibility to my words and pictures. It showcases my photographs nicely, and encourages me to post larger images! Who knows – all of this may inspire me to post more frequently!

There is still some work to do. I may adjust the look of the header slightly – perhaps play with typography a bit. I’ll have to create and get used to a modified workflow. It’s not clear yet how I’ll deal with uploading images. I need to weigh the value of using tags. And, of course, I need to figure out how and where to incorporate the Kellypic!

So, please bear with me while I experiment with the site. You may visit and find things have changed again. I’ll try not to break things too horribly while I sort out structural issues like those broken comments. You can help motivate me to do all this by providing feedback. What do you think? I really enjoy your comments, and I know my readers (That’s you!) enjoy reading them too.


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