Holiday Hell Week Begins

The usual suspects in all the usual places.

DSC_0287.jpg DSC_0285.jpg
DSC_0298.jpg DSC_0330.jpg
DSC_0343.jpg DSC_0360.jpg
DSC_0397.jpg DSC_0398.jpg

View the rest of the photos here.


  • Anonymous

    Ah so thats what it looks like to sleep in hell 🙂

  • zalex

    Hi Dude! I’ve been reading your blog for some time and i really like your “work”!I love the first picture (the one with many, many ghifts…).I have 2 q’s for you: 1)why i cannot read your EXIFs? and 2)you are a PROFESSIONAL photographer or just… playing around (do you earn money from photography)? Once again, i really like your pictures…

  • thedude

    You can’t read EXIF info from my images because ImageReady does not save it with the settings I use. I looked into fnding a setting that would include EXIF info once, but figured no (besides your truly) one would ever want or even no how to look at this info. Guess I was wrong. Watch for EXIF info on future images.

    No, I’m not a professional per se, although I do get paid for my work from time to time. (Wait, does that make me a professional?) Mostly, though I just shoot for fun and all the fame it brings me. 🙂

    I’m delighted to hear that you like my work/play.

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