One More Book Under the Wire weekend is your last chance to get 50% off on $100 or more worth of books at MyPublisher. I made one more quick book this morning and ordered 12 copies for 75 bucks with shipping. You really should try it. It’s fun! There is no cheaper way to see a bunch of your favorite shots side-by-side. And, as I’ve said before, the printing quality is excellent.

For fun, thedude likes to include a panorama in each of his books. This means one shot has been split in two and the image halves have dropped onto a single spread. See it there? Cool? Yes.

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    No, ‘under the wire’ is uploading a 78.6mb book at 7pm on the final night of the sale! And then having to get up during the night to click ‘retry’ because the connection kept failing, probably because their computer was overwhelmed. I would have had it done and uploaded days ago if downloading IE7 last Saturday hadn’t destroyed my OS. It took me 3 days to recover it, which should have been spent builing my book. THANKS BILL!

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