New and Improved!

MyPublisher released a new version of their cool book-making software. The new version has a few key enhancements. First of all, BookMaker 2.0 looks much more like a book. You now also have the ability to print pages with black backgrounds. YAY! There are other new features, but these two alone make the upgrade worthwhile. Get it!

The other huge development is that Internet Explorer FINALLY displays transparent PNG files properly! Have a look at this page to see what that means for your humble blogger. If the header looks right, (transparent, not a big white block) your browser is displaying the transparent PNG file properly. This should finally work on all modern browsers. Scroll up and down the page. Look closely at the header. It is truly transparent! This means I can use a single header on all of my pages with different “fixed” backgrounds. I will no longer need to fake transparency – I’ll have the real thing! Say hallelujah!

So, if you do not see a cool transparent header with the background image exposed below it on this page, for cryin’ out loud, please install (in order of preference) Opera, Firefox or now even IE7.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I downloaded the new MyPublisher last night to use on Bob’s parent’s Christmas present. I didn’t have time to look at it closely, but I really liked the little bit I saw. I can’t wait to start using it – only one week until the sale ends!

  2. Ali says:

    Very NICE! But there’tain’t no way that mockup background image is of a sunset … looks more like the Paramount Theater to me. 😉

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