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The best thing ever to happen to computers is Adobe PhotoShop. Ask anyone who uses it every day. It’s mind-boggling.

The second best thing is Winamp. Instant access to my vast music collection is a godsend. Winamp was such a breakthrough when I first saw it that I immediately sent my ten bucks to Justin Frankel. Others have tried, but nothing beats Winamp for it’s simplicity, (old style skins, of course!) and functionality. With Winamp and any reasonable search engine, I can easily fill an evening with an off-the-wall playlist of songs I and my wife (mostly) like. Even a tool as lame as Windows search allows me to scan my MP3’s and instantly create playlists of songs containing words like “Friday” or “shadow” or tonight’s list – “road”. (A good one!)

Windows search is a bit lame, so I use a web frontend called Andromeda. It’s old, definitely un-fancy, and works prefectly. I registered it too.

Oh – and the third best thing ever to happen to computers is the Internet.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I believe it was ’97 or ’98 when you turned everone at Duke on to it…..I am actually listening to mp3s here in Bay City TX (STP). The play list tonight is the Beatles from the 8 or so gig that you left us…..there is even a copy of the UNIX version of Winamp in the directory.

  2. EE says:

    my mistake…its actually a UNIX version of mpg123

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