Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Our best friends Chris and Ben have a very cool cabin just a few yards outside the Grand Teton National Park. This shot was taken from the deck shortly after sunrise on Friday morning. We stared at this view for three days and barely noticed the structures in the foreground – our eyes were fixed on the mountains. The photo simply can not do justice to the scale of this place.


The cabin actually consists of three structures. One has a kitchen, outfitted with totally chic turquoise appliances, and a small bedroom. The center structure is a beautiful large bedroom and bathroom, and the third is the spot where Chris’ dad, Nathaniel Burt spent summers writing. Chris describes the cabin as “rustic”, but we found it “fabulous”.

DSC_0326.jpg DSC_0207.jpg
DSC_0212.jpg DSC_0223.jpg

I have much more to share from our trip to Wyoming, but it’s getting late. Come back soon for more!


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