thedude’s Work at Aqua Via

Once in a while thedude takes a paying photo job. Hey, he has to pay off these expensive photography toys! This client wanted some generic Jack London Square shots to help promote their new apartments on 2nd and Jackson – a couple blocks from here. We toured the building yesterday. The units are fairly nice, but it turns out that living near Jack London Square is not cheap. A 1300 square foot unit (the largest, but still too small) rents for just under $3000 per month. Whew!

aqua_via_1.jpg aqua_via_2.jpg

It’s always interesting to see which shots get chosen by the client. I find it impossible to predict.

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  • Cindy

    Great pictures!

    $3000 a month? We Wisconsinites are to sensible (read cheap), to pay that much for rent! And, if we ever did, it had better be a castle and come with servants.

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