Hoping for a Miracle

nova_lost_sm.jpgThis weekend Kelly’s oldest, sweetest bird, Nova, managed to slide out of a narrow opening in one of our loft windows. This is not the first time she’s flown out, but this time her wings were strong enough to carry her too far from our loft. We haven’t found her, and we know that odds are we won’t. We are all very depressed about the loss of our dear friend. Even the remaining birds seem distraught – they won’t stop calling for the friend they’ve known their entire lives.

Now our hope is that she was found by a kind neighbor who will give her a good home, or better still, bring her back to ours. We all miss our sweet Princess very much.


  • Cindy

    How sad! Kelly must just be sick, not knowing where she is. I know the couple of times Smoky (our husky) has gotten loose, I’m a wreck until we find her. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Cindy

  • Wen

    WAAAHHH! 🙂 Poor little Nova, I hope some kind soul has given her a good home, with lots of treats. We will be sending positive feathered thoughts your direction….:-)


  • Andrew Johnstone

    I hope she wings her way home soon.

    My love is beaming out to you both.

  • Kalvin

    I heard the great news about the return of Nova! AWESOME!! Congrats!!

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