Fabulous Fresno Fun

Despite thedude’s protestations, he always has a good time in Fresno. Oh sure, it can be a bit hot, but aside from that, a visit to Fresno is a good time – thanks almost entirely to Kelly’s fabulous family. Good people, good food. This weekend featured Frank’s excellent grilled lamb chops and a wedding reception for cousin Matt and Traci.

On the first night we gave Dorothy and Frank a book from our trip to Europe. You know – from MyPublisher.com. Well, they LOVED it. Dorothy said it was the best imaginable gift!

DSC_0075.jpg DSC_0093.jpg
DSC_0095.jpg DSC_0099.jpg
DSC_0110.jpg DSC_0112.jpg

The next day, at the reception…

DSC_0144.jpg DSC_0149.jpg
DSC_0183.jpg DSC_0185.jpg
DSC_0191.jpg DSC_0200.jpg
DSC_0208.jpg DSC_0218.jpg

View the best of the rest of the weekend’s photos here.

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  • myrna

    hey jim as usual your photos are hot… how can we download copies.? or do you want us to? all is quiet with gram. she still is in icu but she is 93. it may take some time. great seeing you two. myrna

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