Oakland’s Magnificent Paramount Theater

I booked a private tour today with the intention of shooting a couple of panoramas of the interior of this gorgeous theater. When I saw just how dark it is inside, I was a bit worried. However, I am anything but disappointed with the results. Even though every image was a time exposure of several seconds, the camera’s noise reduction produced excellent results.


I haven’t yet taken the time to generate panoramas from the camera RAW files – these were stitched together from JPEG’s, so the quality is not what it could be. (Those blown-out highlights on the stage curtain for example.) I just could not wait to share the results! I’ll update the images when I recreate them from the RAW files. UPDATE: The image below has been updated. This version was made from the RAW files.


You will probably not be surprised to learn that one or both of these will soon be printed nine or ten feet wide. Stay tuned for more! 🙂


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