Fabulous Free Photo Album Tools

This weekend while searching for an easy-to-use photo blogging tool, I came across a couple of very cool tools. Both make it easy to build very slick photo album pages for the web with a few clicks.

The first is Porta. This totally cool Windows application allows you to build pages like this easily. It makes good use of the the excellent SimpleViewer plugin from Airtight Interactive – an awesome web site, by the way.

simpleviewer.jpg postcards.jpg

The second – also from Airtight Interactive – is PostCardViewer, which is used to create cool photo pages like this. Both of these tools are very easy to use, and I’ll happily host your photo blog. You have no excuse!


  • Wen

    Wow, those are both way cool. Well, one of these days I’ll actually have a camera…for all those “bolt-on” type photos…….:-)


  • Kellage

    I’m sure Jeff is thrilled another very flattering photo of him has been posted to your website!

  • Ali

    Dude, is there a way to “embed” the simple viewer or 1st photo of the gallery into the blog posting? If so, what would the posting text read?

    Hmmm ….


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