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Winter in Diego Garcia

I ran across these images while scanning Greenland photos and just had to put them on the blog. The contrast is nice. These images of me and my friends lounging in the Indian Ocean may give you some idea why I chose to spend a year in Diego Garcia after my 17 months in Greenland.

indian_ocean_1.jpg indian_ocean_2.jpg

UPDATE: Google Earth does not seem to know about Diego Garcia, but I do. The resolution of the satellite imagery in the middle of the Indian Ocean is very poor, but this Google placemark does at least give you a sense of the location of this remote U.S. military base.

One more thing. I found this eerie recording of last year’s 9.3 earthquake. (3.2 megabyte mp3 file.) It was “captured by underwater microphones located in Diego Garcia, more than 1,700 miles from the epicenter.” Listening to it with headphones sent a chill up my spine. Additional info about the recording can be found at the Columbia University web site.

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