Flyer Gets a Facelift

brocure_after-thumb.jpgInspired by the incredibly useful Before and After magazine, I decided to re-design a flyer for a friend. The old flyer seemed rather bland to me. It didn’t say enough about Chef Julie’s awesome cooking skills, and it placed her image at the bottom of the page, like an afterthought.

The new flyer adds a bit of color, includes a photo of actual food prepared by Chef Julie and places her in a more prominent position on the page. I like the new flyer design quite a bit more than the old one. I’m happy to report that Julie’s pleased with the results, too. :) What do you think?

Stay tuned for the latest flyer with Chef Julie’s new class schedule, and, hopefully, a new brochure!

More Visualizations with PhotoShop

There has been some talk lately of painting the exterior of our building. I’m very excited about the prospect – so excited that I climbed up on the construction site across the street and shot some images of the building specifically for visualization purposes.

247_orig_sm.jpg tri-tone_1.jpg

My 12 millimeter lens was not quite wide enough to capture the entire building AND a section of the adjacent building for context, so the image you see above is actually TWO images which have been carefully combined into one. I used PhotoShop and it’s distort tool to fit the pieces together. Once that was done, I addded some fluffy German clouds, and masked off five different sections of the building so that different colors can be applied.

The Blinds are Up!

blinds_1.jpgAfter three failed attempts to get them up, we finally did it. It wasn’t easy. We had to glue and screw a piece of wood to the crumbly concrete above the 12 foot window, then attach the mounting hardware to it.

Thanks very much to our friend Dave for the expert help! We could not have done it without you. (Believe me, we tried.)

Virtually Amazing

Andrew’s stunning Virtual Playa continues to evolve. His incredible Flight Sim scenery already includes half of this year’s Burningman installations, as well as most of the major installations from past events. Burningman founders have finally taken notice and are working with Andrew on a major multimedia installation for Burningman 2005. More news soon!

Clipboard01.jpg Clipboard02.jpg
7.jpg Clipboard06.jpg

The Ultimate Visualization Tool

Kelly and I decided to pick a few shots from our Europe trip and have them printed for the living room wall. So, I used PhotoShop and it’s amazing new Vanishing Point tool to throw together a mock-up of the wall for visualization purposes. This helped us choose the images and play with placement as well as determine the exact size they’d need to be printed.

mock-up.jpg reality.jpg

The results are precisely what we expected. :)

My Commute in 44 Seconds

commute_sm.jpgI felt motivated this morning, so I mounted the camera in the back of the Jeep and captured this time-lapse video (10 meg QuickTime file) of my six mile commute to Affymetrix. I noticed on the drive home that the commute FROM work would probably be more interesting. I’ll try to shoot that tomorrow. :-)

Let’s see… that’s 1 frame per second x 15 frames per second playback speed, so time is accelerated 15 times. My 70 miles an hour is actually 70 x 15 = 1050 miles per hour. Not bad!

Meetings Got You Bored To Tears?

I’ll never attend another meeting without my customized copy of Buzzword Bingo. Card number three should produce a wining combination in about ten minutes at my office.

Are you worried about your own prose? You may want to intall Bullfighter. It’ll help keep the business school mumbo-jumbo to a minimum. Note that they have fairly stringent system requirements. From their web site:

REQUIREMENTS: Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP operating system, 
with Microsoft Office 2000 or 2002/XP installed on a PC,
plugged into the wall. This version of Bullfighter does not
work with MacOS, Palm, Unix, Xenix, Linux, Spandex, Kleenex
or anything else you were going to ask about.

If, on the other hand you feel the need to ADD useless fluff to your writing, you can always blow a little White Smoke. (Yes, this appears to be a real product.)

Quiet Computer Case on Steriods

quiet_case.jpgI hate to admit it, but really do want this thing. It’s sooo geeky – so beautiful! I’ve been lusting after it half the day. What makes it so appealing – aside from its thick, throbbing manliness – is that it’s a completely silent PC case. The case contains exactly zero fans and works with today’s high-end processors. Seventy seven pounds of aluminum heat sink with casters rated to support four tons. Whoa – how cool is that? hehe.

Unfortunately, my current motherboard is not listed on their very short list of compatible boards. Hmmm… I could always upgrade… I wonder what the wife would say. :)

I Am So Lucky!

I’m sure that I have been blessed with the best friends in the whole world. I can’t think of a better way to measure success, can you? Because I can not, tonight I am a very happy man. I’m thrilled to have spent the evening with Tom and Julie – two of the best chefs in the world. Wow. What an awesome dinner. Lamb chops, salmon AND pork fillet. And, let’s not forget that delicious fennel salad or the two delightful desserts! The only thing that could have made tonight a better night is if my lovely wife had been there with us. (Yes, I miss you already, Dear.)

So, welcome to my first all-food blog entry. Yes – it was that good.

grill.jpg salmon.jpg

By the way – see that? Over there – on the right. That’s the way to cook salmon.

dinner.jpg pork.jpg
dessert1.jpg late-harvest.jpg