I’ll Take Mine RAW


It turns out that one of the greatest things about my new camera is the way it integrates with PhotoShop CS2. The RAW (NEF) file import tool is loaded with goodies. Below are just a few…

NEF_1.jpg NEF_2.jpg NEF_3.jpg

Starting on the left above, you can see that CS2’s NEF import tool includes the usual white balance adjustments.

The second screen shot shows the Detail tab. All of the adjustments here work as expected. Sharpening applied here seems to work better than unsharp mask and Luminance Smoothing is very nice indeed. Also note that I have changed the Size setting on the bottom of the screen to a whopping 6144 x 4081. Again, upscaling the image at this step seems to give much better results than upscaling with PhotoShop’s Image Size tools.

The third screen shot on the right above shows tools designed to correct for imperfections in camera lenses. These tools allow you to correct for Chromatic Aberrations and Vignetting. I use the Vignetting tool to ADD a subtle vignette more often that I use it to correct for fall-off. Fabulous!