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Koln to Dusseldorf at 2,000 Miles an Hour

I finally finished a couple of time-lapse videos from our recent trip to Europe! I think they’re pretty cool. Of course, I was there, so they may not have the same impact on you, but I hope you’ll check them out anyway.

To create these, I zip-tied the camera on a monopod to the railing on the ship and set the camera’s built-in intervalometer to shoot 999 frames – one every three seconds. The videos compress 45 minutes into 40 seconds.

The first video was shot when we left Koln. The ship turns downstream at the beginning, and whizzes past the city and the Koln Cathedral on the left.

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The second video was shot as we approached Dusseldorf. At the end of the video, the ship spins around and docks.

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